These are some of the questions frequently asked by our customers.

What languages do the salon team speak?

Our team is very multicultural and speak a variety of languages, the main ones being English and Vietnamese. Please don't be put off (or think you are being spoken about 'behind your back') if our staff occasionally converse amongst themselves in a language other than English; this is simply because it is more natural for them to do so. However if you do feel uncomfortable with us speaking in another language, Mimi and John encourage you to let the staff know and we are very understanding.

How do you know if a customer is happy with the service they've received?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want every customer to leave feeling they got value for money, a quality service and were treated respectfully. As a core step in our process, the Get Polished team always ask customers if they are happy or have any problems once the service has been completed. If there is a problem, please make sure you let the team member know before leaving the salon so they can put the matter right for you there and then.

How do you set your prices?

Our pricing is based on several factors and not just the cost of the nail polish or wax itself. For example, when you have a manicure done, you will notice that we use individual pouches to sterilise our metal equipment. We do this to ensure our customers' health and safety is not compromised and this comes at a cost. Some services require a greater level of expertise and skill than others, for example a Shellac manicure or pedicure. The need for a more experienced nail artist for Shellac is reflected in the price.

I missed the expiry date on my gift voucher, can it still be used?

Gift vouchers all come with a clearly shown expiry date after which the voucher cannot be honoured under any circumstances. This policy is in line with ACCC and Fair Trading guidelines and you can check more about your consumer rights at fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.

I would like eyelash extensions, do you offer any guarantees with this service?

Get Polished guarantees all new eyelash extension full sets for 3 days. Customers can come back for FREE retouches within the first 3 days of application. Please note, if you are unable to return to the salon within the 3 days, for any reason, we cannot extend your free retouch time frame.

I have one of your gift vouchers, where can I redeem it?

Our gift vouchers are issued from our salons at Waratah and The Junction, and can be redeemed at either salon. Despite appearances in some cases, we are not affiliated with any other salon with the name get Polished and therefore our gift vouchers cannot be redeemed anywhere but our Waratah and The Junction salons. We also do not accept and will not redeem any gift vouchers issued by salons other than our Waratah or The Junction salons.

Are your tools and equipment sterilised?

Where possible, we use tools that are 'one time use' and thrown out. As for other tools, they are washed and sterilised after each use per customer. We only use sterlisation methods approved by NSW Health and local council

Why am I sometimes asked to pay first before the service is over?

Depending on the service you receive. Majority of the time it is because you are having nail polish which takes a very long time to dry. We want you to pay first so you don't ruin your nails going through your bag looking for cards or money which happens often.

Can I give a review on Facebook about my experience?

You sure can and we recommend it! Our staff are also given bonuses if they are mentioned in the positive review.


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